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Oddball's M4A3 Sherman

Brent Dietrich Modeling Tips and Technique

Company B's Brent Dietrich models the sherman commanded by Oddball from the movie Kelly's Heros.

This 3D printed model features some unique pieces of stowage to make it stand out from the standard M4A3 sherman.  I've used the hull and turret from our forthcoming M4A3 set, and replaced the barrel with one from our 76mm turret to mimic the post war model utilized in the film.  Unique pieces were then created in CAD to allow this model to stand apart from your standard run of the mill M4A3 sherman.


We've added a coffee can, milk can, and german helmets to some standard stowage pieces offered in our Bedrolls Pack A and German Jerry Can set and Oddball's loudspeaker.

Combined with our poster decal set, it really looks the part.  The miniature of Oddball is from Artizan Designs and painted by Alex Bews.  

Oddball Full kit available: here
Oddball Tank Decals: here
Standard Tank Stowage: here
German Jerry Can: here

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  • Kevin Goodrich on

    Where do the wine bottles come from and could you point me at the stowage bundles? I couldn’t find them.

    Great Work!

  • Kurt Patton on

    I wanted to see if there was a way to get the extra pieces for Odd Balls sherman in 1/35 scale would love to do one in 1/35 scale to go along side the Fury sherman “Hollywood” shermans, i guess that would be the loud speaker and milk jug and coffee pot. Thanks Kurt Patton I will be ordering the decals soon.

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