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Panzer IIIJ Conversion

Brent Dietrich

Michael K converts our older Panzer III kit to a Panzer III J

Michael created a new rear exhaust, and reworked the turret, removing the forward vision slots, and moving the top vent to make the J turret.

We've recreated the parts for the kit so that anyone can convert our Panzer III N.  Just email us for details!

Michael first reworked the rear details on one of our OOP Panzer III kits.  He added hull details in plastic strip for rivets.  He then created a pair of exhausts and the exhaust shield from plastic sheet and tubing.


Michael then added tools and the antenna mount from his spares box.  The details on the turret were also changed to mirror the Panzer III J.  Pistol ports were removed and the vent was shifted over to the right side.


Model was then panzer in Panzer gray and dry brushed to bring our the newly added details.

The model turned out so nice, We've recreated some of the changes into our new Panzer III N tank.

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