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About us

Company B was founded in 2005 by a pair of tabletop miniature gamers with an interest in producing scale model AFVs that had been neglected in the marketplace. We began with a focus on the pacific theater, producing 1/56 scale AFV models in conjunction with 28mm Japanese, US Marine, and Australian Army miniatures we partnered to create for the PTO. Four years ago a third partner was added to Company B to assist in handling the growing demand. Today, that small assortment of kits has expanded to over 500 items. We acknowledge our penchant for the Pacific Theater but over time we have continued to expand coverage of the conflicts in China, North Africa and Europe.

We have an extensive line of accessories and add-ons that allow gamers to customize their forces. Included in that is an wide-ranging variety of decals for both infantry and AFV's.

We do custom design orders and create decals for other miniature companies. We welcome inquiries at