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Converting Models, Making the Ho-Ro from the Company B Chi-Ha

Michael Koznarsky

It's great that as a wargamer today, we have so may choices. Part of the fun of war-gaming though is scratch building and converting models into other variants.  With ready access to Chi-ha kits, I was able to convert a Chi-Ha set into the Ho-To Assault tank for my Japanese Forces.

First thing was to cut out the crew compartment!  We did have some HoNi models, but rather than take one of those, we had plenty of Chi-Ha hulls to work from.  First step is to outline the cut. Once that is done, time to drill, cut and file!

Next was to remove just enough material to carve out two shelf like spaces on either hull side.

The crew compartment is now all smoothed out and complete.  Time for the Gun Shield.

Pretty simple box.  I added some interior detail as well.

More panels to the superstructure, and starting to add the bolts.

More Bolts! With the Superstructure done, I went to work on the Rear Deck.

Next is the gun.  The barrel is a JTFM SIG33 gun.  So a few plastic bits to that and some tweaks to the gun shape gets us a god approximation of the heavy Japanese Artillery.

And the final assembled piece!


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