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Converting a Warlord Kangaroo to a Ram II

Bruce Meyer

After working on a conversion add-on for a customer, Company B's Bruce Meyer walks through the process of making his own Ram II tank for Canadian forces.

This project originated as a client request to convert a platoon of Kangaroo Transport vehicles into the Ram II tank.  It's a simple conversion, requiring only the Ram II turret and no modifications to the base model.

First, after getting blue prints and some data on scale, 3D artist Shane Smith builds out the turret in CAD.

Turret complete, it's time to order a print!  For this project we go with shapeways.
High Res Detail selected.

Meanwhile, time to prep he donor hull:

Now the turret is added:

It's a good match.  Time for Primer!

Overall, it's a nice look. While the primer dries, it's back to some decals. Luckily, we've had quite a few custom requests for Canadian Armor units, and we have a few sets we've done that I get to choose from.  These should work nicely, we just need to put in a order.

First base coat of paint added:

Weathering and Decals Applied.

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  • Company B on

    We’ve just made the turret available in the shop. The turret ring/insert is approximately 25.6 mm diameter.

  • May on

    Pardon my asking, but what is the diameter of that turret ring, and would you be willing to make and sell more of those turrets?

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