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Russian-AFV T-28 Heavy Tank

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Russian-AFV T-28 Heavy Tank

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The T-28 was a Soviet multi-turreted heavy tank used in the late 1920s and early 1930s. It was developed as a response to the growing threat of armored warfare and was one of the first tanks to feature multiple turrets. The T-28 had a total of three turrets, one main 76.2 mm gun turret and two smaller turrets each armed with a 37mm gun. It also had a crew of five. It was relatively heavy for its time, weighing in at around 33 tons. Despite its heavy armament, the T-28 was relatively slow and had poor mobility. It saw limited use in the early stages of World War II before being phased out of front line service and being relegated to secondary roles.


 Resin model.

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