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New Real American Hero project

Brent Dietrich

I'm going to have a little fun this fall and create my own small Army for future battles.  What better them than to style them around my favorite iconic cartoon series!  I remember getting the first larger GI Joe figures that came with a 45 record book.  Those eventually gave way to the 3 3/4 action figures and vehicles.  This small battle group will reflect some of that nostalgia.

First, the easy part.  Some decals to fit some of the vehicles that I'll get created.

And a couple of vehicles to start.  First s slightly modified version of our Mercedes LAVP

I'm going to make several weapon modules for the back of the Mercedes.  That should allow it to fill the role for both Cobra and GiJoe forces.

And now a newer model just for this...a Sting Ray tank.

I'm going need to create some Cobra models next... Stay tuned.



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  • companyb on

    These decals are available right now by request. Send us an email if interested.

  • Sander on

    Great stuff! Are these decals available yet?

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